Tetranologie Mobility brands | BUSBY

In the winter of 2020, the company managed to enter into one of its first agreements with UK based company K-Safe. K-Safe developed an app named BUSBY. Our helmets and other brands will now allow cyclists or riders to connect to this life saving app.

The Busby road safety app is now available. The app monitors the sensors in a phone in order to automatically detect incidents like a crash or a fall. If Busby detects an incident the rider will be asked if they’re OK. They will have 30 seconds to move or respond before Busby assumes they need help. If they don’t confirm they are OK, their emergency contacts will be sent their location via SMS so help can arrive.

For every protected mile a user does with Busby, they gain ‘Busby points’ which can be spent on discounts on goods or services with its selected partners (Tetranologie Mobility brands) within ‘The Hub’ page of the app. Busby also offers a ‘Near miss’ button, where users can record when and where they have a near-miss with one click of a button.