Company Inception

The company was started in December 2019. With micromobility solutions in mind, we have devoted ourselves to the development of technically sophisticated products that offer the highest safety standards without being complicated. We believe in offering attractively designed products that can meet the highest safety standards that are robust and practical. Tetranologie Mobility team is lead by Netumbo Nuuyoma, Abiatar Angula and David Mbudhi, who are the managers of the company. Tetranologie Mobility, is firmly dedicated to customer service, fantastic products, and accessories. We are proud of what we do and we keep our promises. With our company’s innovation and imagination for what is possible on two wheels and body protection apparel, its sparking a transportation revolution in both cycling and motorcycling culture that is anticipated to make Tetranologie Mobility’s brands one of the most recognized and revered brands in Namibia, Africa and around the world.


As a company with the aim of becoming part of the global leaders in the development, production of micro mobility and mobility services, Tetranologie Mobility has committed itself to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility and a role model for protecting our environment through packaging and branding of our products. We are keenly aware of our outstanding global responsibility for our environment that will be associated with our worldwide environmental and societal impact of our activities and products.


Tetranologie Mobility brands on the road. Our main motivation is to achieve a higher quality than our competitors in terms of and perceived quality, exceeding expectations of external and internal customers, in the market segments in which we are competing. Training and knowledge exchange ensure the continuous development of all employees. Our staff determines, to a great extent, the product quality and success of the company. Our cooperative relationship with suppliers, dealers, shareholders and other organizations provides a table and profitable business to all stakeholders.


Our research and development (R&D) department continues to perform a number of highly important roles within our organization. They are the brains responsible for research, planning and implementing new programs and protocols into our company and overseeing the development of new products..


During pandemics and natural disasters such as flooding, our merchandising, supply chain and operations teams will work around the clock in a complex effort to move necessary funds and supply equipment to communities caught in the path of pandemics, disasters and other crippling events. We will partner up with nonprofit organizations all over the world to help deliver the right aid to the right people - right when they need it.

Our Core Services

Business Development

Relationships building with businesses and partners.

Market Research

Learning about our customers motivations, problems, and our potential competitors.

R&D and Product Development

This is the optimization of production process; building out new products and services to meet our customers needs, etc


Going out and finding customers.

Quality Standards

Motivated to achieve a higher quality than competitors in terms of reliability and perceived quality, exceeding expectations of external and internal customers, in the market segments in which we are competing.

Creative Marketing

Creating buzz around our brands and products whether it’s through content creation, paid advertising, or other channels.