Our Brands

Tetranologie Mobility houses various micro mobility and safety brands. These brands are all registered trademarks. The brands represent an actionable meaning of “Reliable on Mobility”. Focusing in the areas of E-bikes, E-scooters, Mopeds, Smart Urban and Cycling Helmets, Urban wearable reflective and LED jackets, Smart Canes, Eyewear and Facewear like Gaiter Face Covers and other related Accessories. Creating protective gears, focusing on safety, performance and distinctions is always our mission.

Helmetric Helmets

In between destinations and comeback trails, there is a feeling of a feeling of care and safety that truly defines our brand Helmetric ®. With an improved technology and innovation, Helmetric® helmets allows you to roll on the roads firmly and safely. The Helmetric® original Hybrid ONE helmet has a LED Panel at the back of the helmet with which you even can “the backlighting modes. With handlebar mounted wireless turn indicators and 10-hour battery life, the Helmetric® Hybrid ONE Helmet weighs a mere 580g! That’s extremely light when you take into consideration the amount of tech and safety features included. The helmet allows cyclists to connect to an App named BUSBY to ‘increase their safety anywhere in the world with this free App and also share data with Apple Health/Google Fit.

Salva Helmets

The SALVA® helmet’s brand name derived from the Biblical “Helmet of Salvation” which is well known as another part of the Armour of God that the Apostle Paul discusses in Ephesians 6. In the Roman army, the helmet served as protection for the head. It is a vital piece of the Armour, as an attack to the head could result in instant death. Our helmet is here to ensure maximum safety against head injuries for cyclists and commuters. The SALVA® helmet style combines the comfort of a commuter helmet with the ventilation system you’d want for more intense biking. Unlike some “fashion-based” helmets, which are inspired by skateboard and snowboard gear, this brand offers ample air vents for keeping your head cool whether you’re biking to work, road cycling, or traversing bumpier routes. This is also one of the first brands in Namibia, Africa to offer helmets with custom protection, SALVA® recently developed their own technological systems.

More Of Our Brands

TRAVLR Scooters

The TRAVLR® Scooters and Mopeds concepts are the new, electrified way to move through your city with ease Fully electric, high performance and with a view to the future If you like to travel light, the fully electric TRAVLR® Scooters concepts produce neither noise nor emissions Better for everyone. We believe that electric scooters can play a pivotal role in reducing society’s reliance on cars, lowering air pollution and congestion in cities across the world, alongside walking and taking public transport. Our Electric scooters are also available in different shapes and sizes, with some options presenting a standing board, while others include a full seat and a bit of cargo area (just in case you need to pick up some groceries after work). No matter your commuting need, we have an electric scooter for you.

The REEL Fiets Bikes

REEL Fiets® designs, manufactures and sells an expanding range of distinctive and customizable electric all-terrain bikes, bicycles and cargo bikes that feature leading-edge styling, innovative design, low sound, and superior quality with the ability to personalize. Its time to give yourself the freedom to commute by bike by making yourself fitter, happier, and more productive as you go. We have various types of models available for every kind of use. Our bikes are built for one purpose and are therefore very flexible. REEL Fiets® innovation and imagination for what was possible on two wheels is sparking a transportation revolution and a motorcycle culture that would make REEL Fiets® one of the most recognized and revered brands in Africa and around the world.


OPTIMISTICK® Smart Cane as a solution through innovative technologies to detect obstacles better and recreating hope. We envision the OPTIMISTICK® Smart Cane to be the centre of all things for a blind and visually impaired person from how they move, how they commute, to how they interact with other people and smart devices. OPTIMISTICK® Smart Cane blind walking cane with sensors utilizes available advanced technologies such as internet of things (and big data analytics to guide your loved ones and keep them safe. Its dual sensors will perfectly detect not only large obstacles such as steps, drops, and overhead objects but also something as small as a child’s Lego toy on the floor. The device can work independently, beeping when it detects an obstacle Enhanced features like voice navigation, prediction and personalization can be enabled by connecting wirelessly to a smartphone.

Delight Skateboards and Longboards

We are building Delight® Skateboards, an innovative brand that is dedicated to making premium electric skateboard with minimalist design and offering skateboarding lovers a better experience. Most major cities are crowded with massive traffic jams and hence become the primary cause to travel distances in less time. Electric longboards, can thus, take you wherever you are going cancelling all such challenges. Delight® Skateboards make it possible by offering our prestigious customers all-terrain electric longboards to cover distances in a few minutes and feel the adventure right through. What you get with traveling with electric longboards merely is phenomenal. The longboards come with several advantages, and one of the prime ones is that it can go uphill and also take steep turns easily. If you’re a beginner, buy electric longboards for learning how to balance it easily while you travel within the towns or cities. All our products are 100% authentic and cater to the travel needs of the customers so that they are comforted at any point of the hour.

BOBO Footwear, Facewear and Eyewear

The BOBO® brand is a decent footwear, face wear and eye protection brand that offers competitively priced, high-quality microfiber products in a sustainable, environmental and socially responsible way. The BOBO® brand also offers a function that can help to promote the riders’ wellbeing and boost their riding experience by putting on a friendly, personalized touch to any riders’ face. The BOBO®’s FOOTWEAR, FACEWEAR and EYEWEAR products are available in various models. The brand will also soon release its first sustainable footwear model.

Pentasoft Reflective Jackets

Pentasoft® has a unique state-of-the-art wearable technology, you can rest easy in the knowledge that when you wear one of the Pentasoft® jackets, there is “a glimpse of light” that the jacket gives off, to ensure your maximum safety while commuting, running or cycling. Our Pentasoft® Reflective and Integrated LED clothing for commuting, running and cycling clothing are one of the best ways to be seen while you are riding on the road at night. While bike lights are an essential, nothing will make you stand out better on busy city streets at night than being in a fully reflective jacket. With some of our jackets come with 20 high-intensity LEDs – white at the front, red at the back, and amber motion-activated, self-cancelling turn indicators on the sleeves – all powered by a rechargeable USB battery good for 20+ hours between charges – Our Pentasoft® Commuter jackets set a new benchmark in cycling safety wear. Our jackets also come with lightweight breathable technical features as its base. At its heart, our products are highly technical cycling jackets. With 100% Waterproof fabric with taped seams for protection against the weather and a 100% Breathable, which allows perspiration to be released through the fabrics even during heavy exertion.

Our Brands